Forced evictions in Israel Palestine

Settlers, Settlements and the case for Hebron

To the front of Hashem’s house is a line of white washing. When the wind shifts it slightly you can snatch glimpses of a beautiful view over the old city of Hebron.

Around the back is an ugly orange settlement, home to the leader of the Jewish National Front Party. Hashem tells us that the inside is adorned with stickers and posters: “I already managed to kill Arabs, did you?” asks one. “God gave us the right to kill Arabs and we love it,” says another.

Separating the two buildings is a row of olive trees that belongs to Hashem, but the settlers fenced them off with barbed wire so he is unable to harvest them. In 2012 and 2013 he was given a permit that allowed him access, but on the first occasion settlers attacked him and on the second he found that they had already picked the olives. The ones that were left were poisoned.

To the left is his brother’s family home. He has fitted ugly, brown metal shutters over the windows to prevent frequent break-ins. Hashem’s family were offered $20 million to leave the house and when they refused the illegal Jewish settlers cut the water pipes to the building. “Then they saw that my wife was three months pregnant; they came and beat her here,” he told us. “She lost the baby.”

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Written by Amelia Smith and Penny Green

Published in Middle East Monitor